Cute, Yet Practical, Summer Hairstyles for When You Can’t Even Deal in Hot Temps

Cute, Yet Practical, Summer Hairstyles for When You Can’t Even Deal in Hot Temps

We countdown to summer all year round, but whenever we get as close to it as we are now, the thought of having to do our hair in hot temps starts to creep in – is anyone else getting sweaty just thinking about it? All the over the head arm movement feels like a workout before we’ve even left the house.

To keep your body cool and your hair cute, here are 3 of our favourite quick summer hairstyles with low effort, and high reward (the kind of workout we like).

  1. Sleek Low Bun

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Want an easy summer updo that makes you look effortlessly chic when you’re a hot (and sweaty) mess? Introducing the Sleek Low Bun, a summer hairstyle for long or short hair that’ll take you from chaotic to cute in no time at all.

The Sleek Low Bun is a good shout for whenever your hair is on the greasy side as it enhances the sleekness, which is probably about the only time when greasy hair actually works in your favour.  

How To:

Step 1 – Brush out your hair to ensure there are no knots. If you have curly hair, use our Bamboo Afro Pick.

Step 2 – Now, this probably isn’t how you’re used to using Curls N’ Clouds Volume Spray, but it can also be used to sleek down your hair – your new obsession waits! So, for the next step of this cute summer hairstyle, spritz our Volume Spray over the top of your head then brush your hair back.

Step 3 – Grab a comb and find your natural parting, then comb down the hair as much as possible and tuck it behind your ears.

Step 4 – Take a hairband and tie your hair into a low ponytail, this will stop your bun from slipping around or coming loose.

Step 5 – Twist the ponytail with your hands, starting from the top until you reach the bottom. It should look rope-like here. Throw the twisted ponytail over the hairband and wrap it around until you have a bun, then secure it with another hairband.

Step 6 (optional) – If your hairband is still on show and totally ruining this summer updo for you, you can slightly pull on the bun to loosen some areas, place them over the hairband, and secure in place with bobby pins.

  1. Middle Parting with Clips


A simple AF summer hairstyle for when you’re running late. You know how it goes, you’re late, it’s hot, and you need a super easy hairstyle that gets you out of the door in less than a few minutes – tell the girls to order you that margarita as you’ll be there by the time it arrives. Probably.

If you have side bangs or shorter layers that don’t cooperate in the heat and always make you work for your margaritas, the Middle Parting with Clips will be your go-to all summer long. Cheers to finding a hairstyle for hot weather that doesn’t involve taming wild bangs!

How To: 

Step 1 – Brush out your hair, then take a comb and create a middle parting.

Step 2 – Apply Curls N’ Clouds Volume Spray to your roots and gently massage it in until you reach the desired volume.

Step 3 – Take the Volume Spray again, then spritz a pump (or two depending on how many flyaway hairs you have) to the top of your head, and lightly smooth down the hairs gone rogue with your hands. It’s important that you don’t apply too much pressure, or you’ll lose the volume you’ve just put in.

Step 4 – Tuck your hair behind your ears and secure it with clips on both sides.  

  1. Bubble Ponytail

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Take your regular ponytail to the next level with this summer updo that looks way more complicated than it actually is. Are you ready to impress anyone and everyone you walk past with just an extra 5 minutes? We certainly are.

How To:

Step 1 – Start by brushing your hair, no hairstyle has ever impressed anyone without using a hairbrush (or Bamboo Afro Pick).

Step 2 – Slick your hair back into a high ponytail, using our Volume Spray for that snatched look. To add extra volume to the ponytail for bigger bubbles, apply a spritz or two to the ponytail and gently scrunch until it’s absorbed.

Step 3 – Take a small elastic hairband the same colour as your natural hair, and tie it a few inches down from the top of the ponytail. Then slightly pull on the hair to create a bubble shape. You can make these as big or as small as you want.

Step 4 – Repeat step 3 until you reach the end of the ponytail, leaving a few inches at the bottom.