Tired Of Washing Your Hair? Here Are 7 Greasy Hair Fixes to Postpone Hair Wash Day

Tired Of Washing Your Hair? Here Are 7 Greasy Hair Fixes to Postpone Hair Wash Day

Greasy hair suuucks. But you know what also sucks? Hair wash days, especially if you’re always washing, drying, and styling your hair as it gets very oily, very often. Greasy hair happens when a naturally moisturising oil produced by the sebaceous glands, called sebum, gathers on the scalp. Too little sebum and you’ll get a dry, itchy scalp, but too much sebum and you’ll get greasy hair. Some of us (aka anyone reading this RN) will produce more sebum than others. More sebum = more hair wash days. To free up some spare time, here are 7 greasy hair fixes to delay washing your hair for longer.

  1. Invest In a Volume Spray

The worst thing about very oily hair is that it’s weighed down by sebum and appears flat, which is the biggest giveaway for greasy hair. To keep your hair looking clean, even if it isn’t, use Curls ‘N Clouds Volume Spray to restore its bounce. This instant greasy hair fix will revitalise your hair and give it that fresh blow dry feel whenever you need it.

  1. Leave Dry Shampoo in Your Hair Overnight

Ah, the classic greasy hair fix, but did you know it works best to keep your hair clean when left to soak up all the excess oil overnight? Sure, it gives immediate results too, but to fully absorb all the unwanted oil, especially if you have very oily hair, it needs more than the 5 minutes before you rush out the door.

  1. Don’t Wash Your Hair with Hot Water

Scrubbing your scalp with hot water to get rid of excess sebum when hair wash day does eventually come around seems like a good idea, right? But this actually increases oil production as it entirely strips the scalp of sebum, which means hair wash day is constantly around the corner.

To learn how to properly wash your hair and slow down greasy hair at the same time, read here.

  1. Use The Grease to Your Advantage

If you can’t beat em’, join em’. Try embracing your greasy hair. Instead of loading up your hair with hair gel, you can use the natural oil already in your hair to nail that seriously slick hairstyle. Think sleek buns and ponytails until you’re ready for hair wash day. Gorgeous gorgeous girls have ~greasy hair~.

  1. Routinely Clarify Your Hair

Another reason for very oily hair can be a build-up of too many haircare products on your scalp and/or in your hair creating an invisible film. This makes it difficult to give your hair a deep clean with regular shampoo. Using a clarifying shampoo once a week, twice if you overproduce sebum, will slow down greasy hair by removing any remaining haircare products.  

  1. Clean Your Hair Tools

When was the last time you cleaned all your hair tools? We’re absolutely not judging, but if you want to slow down greasy hair, you need to keep your hair tools grease-free too. For example, if you combed your hair whilst it was very oily, chances are some of that oil has transferred onto your comb and gets put back into your hair every time you use it. A simple, yet effective greasy hair fix is to use an antibacterial wipe/spray to clean your hair tools weekly.

And if you really want to avoid hair wash days, we recommend only using hair tools made from 100% bamboo like Curls ‘N Clouds Bamboo Afro Pick. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and odour resistant so you can keep your hair clean for even longer.

  1. Watch Your Conditioner Placement

After using a shampoo to clean our hair and remove unwanted oils, we use a conditioner to replace any moisture lost and lock it in for a smooth, shiny finish, but you should only use it where you need it. About halfway down our hair to our ends is usually the driest as sebum coats the roots first and takes longer to reach these sections. Applying conditioner all the way to your roots can weigh down your hair and make it look very oily, even straight after washing it.