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Best Haircare Products to Gift This Christmas That Won’t Be Returned

Best Haircare Products to Gift This Christmas That Won’t Be Returned

By Noor van Gemert

Christmas shopping can be fun if you know exactly what you’re doing, but most of us lose a lotta sleep come December trying to figure it out. If you’ve been wide awake most nights worrying about the gift receipt being used, get ready to enter a peaceful slumber tonight knowing you’re safe. 

One category that never gets exchanged? Haircare. No one in their right mind neglects the chance to have better hair. Below are our favourite haircare products that’ll be loved by all this Christmas. Ps. You’ll probably want to snap up a few of these holiday gifts for yourself.

Volume Spray 250ML - €24.00

Curls ‘n Clouds Volume Spray is guaranteed to spread joy this holiday by instantly pumping up the volume on any hair type without causing dryness or stiffness. But does the volume actually stick around you ask? We’re all about quick fixes that last. The formula contains specially chosen ingredients, such as vinyl acetate copolymer and PQ11, to maximise volume life by blocking the moisture from humidity that returns the hair to its original state. 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and CGM approved, we’re all out of reasons why everyone on your shopping list needs our Volume Spray.

Mini Volume Spray 60ML - €14.00

For the adventurous soul filled with wanderlust, gift them our Mini Volume Spray this Christmas. It’s exactly the same as our regular-sized Volume Spray, but ~mini~ so it’s hand-luggage friendly. Globetrotters want voluminous hair too, you know. 

Microfiber Towel - €9.00

Taming frizz and reducing damage and drying time (ka-ching for long-haired ladies!), our Microfiber Towel is at the top of every holiday gift wish list, or should be anyway. It’s super soft on your strands to avoid buffing up your hair cuticles which leads to frizz and split ends, and highly absorbent to cut down on drying time and minimise heat damage. 

Bamboo Afro Pick - €12.00

Better than your average afro pick, Curls ‘N Clouds Bamboo Afro Pick is the perfect holiday gift for your wayyyy above-average girlfriends that deserve the best of the best, and you don’t have to pull off a bank robbery to do it. The wide-teeth pick is 100% premium bamboo for minimal friction on your curls to preserve your natural curl pattern, all whilst detangling and creating volume. Plus, bamboo is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and odour-resistant, meaning you won’t have to wash your hair as often.

Package Deal - €49.00

Ideal for those with curly hair types who are seriously lacking in the haircare department, our Package Deal features 1x Volume Spray 250ML, 1x Microfiber Towel, and 1x Bamboo Afro Pick to get them on the right track. Full potential pending…

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