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Intro to Haircare: 5 Haircare Essentials Every Woman Needs RN

Intro to Haircare: 5 Haircare Essentials Every Woman Needs RN

By Noor van Gemert

So, you want to start taking care of your hair properly, congrats! Welcome to the club. As always, when joining an exclusive club, you need to do some sort of initiation, but this doesn’t involve filling your bathroom cabinet to the brim with a record number of haircare essentials. All you need to join is a basic haircare routine with 5 haircare essentials that know how to do their thang. Sometimes less is more (except for volume, you can never have enough of that). Oh, and your badge of honour? Beautiful hair. Sound good? Great.

  1. Heat Protection Spray

These create an invisible barrier over the top of the hair strands to prevent heat from damaging your hair, an essential in every basic haircare routine. By holding off friction, you can tame frizz, split ends, and knots. Whether you occasionally style your hair with hot tools (including hair dryers) or refuse to leave the house without frazzling your hair with a curling wand, you should always apply a heat protection spray. You wouldn’t catch someone not wearing sunscreen on holiday to protect their skin just because they only go on vacay a few times a year, right? Well, the same goes for heat protection spray, so spritz that spray ladies!

  1. Hair Oil

What’s haircare without hair oil? Hair oil is usually thought of as that extra something-something that’s more of a luxury than a necessity, but it’s actually one of our everyday haircare essentials. Why? Because they deeply nourish the hair and can tackle pretty much every concern you could ever have without using too many hair products, which as it turns out, can seriously strain your strands and cause breakage. A haircare routine for beginners, intermediates, or even experts aims to get the most out of it by using the least amount of hair products for this very reason. So, the next time you think about grabbing separate hair products for lack of moisture, hair growth, and split ends, choose a hair oil that can do it all.

  1. Microfiber Towel

Switching out your regular towel for one made of microfiber is a game-changing haircare essential for newbies looking to make a dramatic entrance. The frizz, flyaways, and roughness you complain about on a daily basis could very well be down to your current towel. Microfiber towels dry your hair quicker to limit the amount of heat from a hair dryer whilst minimising friction on your hair cuticles, which leads to all those things you can’t go a day without mentioning.

Microfiber Towel - €9.00

Our 100% Microfiber Towel will give you something else more exciting to talk about as it helps to restore the health of your hair after every wash. Gentle on your delicate hair cuticles, it’s ideal for preventing and fixing all the damage that made you want a haircare routine in the first place – a very smart move, btdubs.

  1. Dry Shampoo

Ah, dry shampoo, a modern-day saviour for busy boss babes who can navigate meetings better than hair wash days. For those days when you really need to wash your hair but really don’t have the time, applying dry shampoo will instantly refresh your hair so it’s more glam than grease.

  1. Volume Spray

Backcombing is never the answer to more voluminous hair. Sure, it does the trick, but backcombing damages the hair follicles by lifting them away from the hair shaft as you comb against the natural grain. Healthy hair relies on these hair follicles to remain close to the hair shaft, so we recommend you add a volume spray to your basic haircare routine to keep them intact.

Volume Spray 250ML – €24.00

Curls N’ Clouds Volume Spray is one of our favourite haircare essentials for bigger, better hair without backcombing. The delicious formula is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, CGM approved, and won’t leave a sticky finish or dry out your hair.

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