Afro Pick

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  • Vegan + Cruelty free
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This comb is made of 100% premium bamboo, with love for planet earth.

An afro pick has always been an essential for me to get the best volume, so it was one of the first products that I wanted to make when Curls 'N Clouds was founded. However, I quickly discovered that the process of making a plastic comb would not contribute to one of the key values of this brand: keeping everything eco- friendly.

We care about the planet

We still have an estimated amount of more than 100 million tons of plastic floating around in our beautiful oceans, and over 1 million sea animals are killed by it each year. The problem keeps growing, with up to 12.7 million tons of plastic entering our oceans annually. There is no planet B, but there is a plan B for all the regular excessive plastic combs that contribute in today's climate issue. This bamboo afro pick is a small step forward towards a world without unnecessary plastic waste. Thank you for your contribution, your purchase made mother earth smile.

Our Ingredients

At Curls n Clouds we believe in giving your the power to understand the ingredients that come into contact with your hair. All our products have been in product development for at least two years to create a good working product without harmful ingredients for the planet, and testing our products thoroughly. All our products are Vegan + Cruelty free, and CGM Approved.

Our Packaging

We take care in selecting great packaging that doesn’t affect our planet. All our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable, and we’re always trying to make even better improvements on our packaging here at Curls n Clouds. We encourage you to recycle all your bottles the right way, so we make mother earth proud.

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