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How To Keep Your Hair Full of Moisture in The Summer Heat

How To Keep Your Hair Full of Moisture in The Summer Heat

By Noor van Gemert

Have you ever thought when it gets hotter in summer, the moisture in your hair feels like it just checks out entirely without so much as a goodbye? Well, you’re not imagining it. And if you’re not imagining it, you can fix it!

A combo of heat and increased UV ray exposure will strip the hair of moisture, leaving it dry, brittle, and without shine. To keep your luscious locks, well, luscious, keep on reading to discover our favourite dry hair fixes to beat the heat. Us 1 – heat 0.

Use A Heat Protector Every Day, And Not Just When Using Hot Tools

If you’re lucky enough to have naturally straight or curly hair, you might think you don’t need to use a heat protector when it’s not being fried by the triple-digit temps of a straightener or curler. But hairdryers and diffusers still count as hot tools that’ll slowly but surely strip the moisture from your hair, even if they can’t reach the same level of heat. It’s just a lot less noticeable when your hair isn’t literally smokin’ hot.

Heat protectors are a super-easy way to prevent dry hair, as with just a few spritzes you can create a barrier between your hair and hot tools to avoid direct contact, but this isn’t all they’re good for.

Whenever you’ve been in direct sunlight for a while, you’ve probably noticed your hair starting to heat up, especially if your hair is on the darker side. Heat protectors help to keep your hair hydrated in the sun with a barrier that seals in moisture to stop it from escaping and preventing dry hair. Basically, consider the sun as one giant hot tool that you need to protect yourself from every. Single. Day.

Choose Non-Drying Styling Products

Okay, so we know you wouldn’t purposely choose styling products that dry out your hair, but many of them contain drying, stripping ingredients without us realising. Lots of styling products use strong chemical ingredients to hold our hair in place, but when used regularly, they can contribute to stripping our hair of its natural oils that help to keep it moisturised.

When we’re spending more time in the sun, we need it to hold onto as much moisture as we possibly can to prevent our hair from drying out. Using formulas containing ingredients such as isopropyl alcohol, parabens, and sulfates is like holding up a sign saying “take the moisture out of my hair! I don’t need it anymore!” when you defo do.

Curls N’ Clouds Volume Spray 250ML – €24.00

Our Volume Spray is one of our favourite dry hair fixes as it features a non-drying, vegan-friendly formula that’s ideal for hotter months. PQ11 and hydroxyethyl cellulose are naturally film-forming ingredients, meaning they’ll increase moisture retention with an invisible layer of protection, keeping your hair hydrated and full of volume.

Embrace Updos

When our hair is down, we’re completely exposing it to the sun. To prevent dry hair, try embracing updos that shield parts of your hair so it’s not fully out there all the time. Give it a break.

For example, a bun, ponytail, and plait are all hairstyles that’ll get most of your hair out of direct sunlight and help it to hold onto moisture in the heat. Take it as an opportunity to get creative and learn some new skills to take to the next slumber party.

Stock Up on Hydrating Hair Masks

Clear some space on your bathroom shelf and fill it with hydrating hair masks to quench seriously thirsty hair. They’re extremely rich in hydrating ingredients with potent concentrations to top up moisture levels deep beyond the surface layer of hair. The further moisture can reach, the more you can prevent dry hair as it’ll take longer to reach the top and evaporate.

You want to apply a hydrating hair mask 2-3 times a week. This will help to keep your hair hydrated without overloading it with moisture. Any more than this, and you’ll most likely put a strain on your hair as it expands from too much moisture and cause it to split.

Wear A Hat

The best way to prevent dry hair in the heat is to stay out of it altogether, but staying indoors 24/7 isn’t exactly part of the hot girl summer agenda. Wearing a hat will help to protect your hair from direct sunlight and keep your hair hydrated while you live your best life.

And before you think you can’t pull off a hat, try a baseball cap, wide-brim straw hat, and bucket hat first, and then we’ll chat about how hats aren’t for you (but we won’t need to).

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