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How To Make Your Curls Last Longer (Yup, We’re Talking Days)

How To Make Your Curls Last Longer (Yup, We’re Talking Days)

By Noor van Gemert

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but unless your hair is naturally curly, your hair will eventually return to its original state. Although, there are ways to delay the process so you can still be dropping “curly hair, don’t care” into every sentence well into next week. Here’s how to make your curls last longer and keep their definition.

Pin Your Curls and Let Them Fully Cool Down

For long-lasting curls, you’ll want to slow down a sec and pin them up, then wait for them to fully cool before you go about your day. When you wrap your hair around a curling iron, heat is absorbed by the hair strands which causes them to take on a new shape by rearranging their bonds. Letting the hair fully cool down in its new shape will make the curls last longer.

To pin your curls, simply roll up each curl to the top of your head and attach it with a hair clip. By the time you’re done, you should look like you have hair rollers in, but without the rollers.

You’ll need to add an extra 10-15 minutes to your hair curling routine but if you’re a true busy babe, you’ll already be calculating how much time you can save every day by creating defined curls that last for days. 

Top Tip: You can also pin your curls back up whilst you sleep to maintain curls overnight, but make sure to use creaseless hair clips, as we’re pretty sure you’ll still want dent-free curls in the morning.

Spray Hairspray Before You Run Your Fingers Through Your Hair 

It’s tempting to immediately run your fingers through your hair to soften the curls so you don’t look like you came straight outta an 80’s movie, but this will make the curls drop faster as you physically pull apart their new bonds holding the shape of the curl.

Hairspray works by connecting touching hair fibres together with an invisible film, so if you spray it before you brush your fingers through, you’ll have a better chance of maintaining defined curls as they’re already set in place.

Use A Wide Tooth Comb/Afro Pick

To make your curls last, you want to avoid anything that can separate the new bonds and pulling a lot of bristles through your hair will do exactly that. We recommend switching to a wide tooth comb/afro pick to minimse contact with your hair to prevent any separation.

Bamboo Afro Pick€12.00

Our wide-tooth Bamboo Afro Pick will help to hold onto curl definition as it slips right through your curls without any major disturbance whilst taming frizz. Bamboo is also antifungal, antibacterial, and resists odour, so you can keep your long-lasting curls fresh for days.

Get Shorter Layers Cut into Your Hair

This is a little bit more of a commitment but if you’re set on creating long-lasting curls, you’ll need to ask your hairdresser for some help. If your hair is all one length or you have long-ish layers, your hair will weigh more and pull down your curls faster than someone with shorter layers. So run, don’t walk to your hair salon to make your curls last longer.

Wrap Your Hair in A Microfiber Towel Before Putting It in A Shower Cap

While a shower cap protects your hair from getting wet or absorbing humidity during a shower, it doesn’t exactly look out for your curls. Rubbing against rough materials can cause them to lose shape or become frizzy, meaning you’ll have to do damage control when you get out. And the number one rule to long-lasting curls? Keep your hands to yourself. The more you touch them, the quicker they’ll fall.

Simply placing a microfiber towel as a uber-soft, protective layer between your hair and your shower cap will prevent you from having to do daily touch-ups. You can do this by wrapping your hair in the microfiber towel first and then placing the shower cap on top or lining the shower cap with the microfiber towel first and then placing it on your head.

Microfiber Towel€9.00

Curls ‘N Clouds 100% Microfiber Towel will help to make your curls last longer by keeping frizz at bay as you sing your heart out in the shower. It’s thin enough to fit in your shower cap no matter which way you choose and won’t feel heavy on the head. Plus, on the days you do wash your hair, it’ll fasten drying time with approximately 200,000 highly absorbent fibres in just one square inch and prevent breakages as it won’t rough up the hair cuticles. Healthier hair = hair that can better hold defined curls.

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