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Lazy Girl Approved Guide to Maintaining Gorgeous Curls

Lazy Girl Approved Guide to Maintaining Gorgeous Curls

By Noor van Gemert

Curly hair is the most delicate hair type on the block, and with great hair comes great responsibility. But what if you’re a lazy girl with curly hair? We can relate. The curly hair life chose us, when we’d rather choose a lie in that doesn’t get cut short by our daily haircare routine for curly hair. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

With our quick and easy curly hair tips, you can press snooze on your alarm without having to deal with bed hair all day long. Hold on to your duvet and get ready for our genius (and low maintenance) haircare tips for curly hair.

A Wide-Tooth Afro Pick Is Your New BFF

Tell your bestie you’ll call her back because you’ve found someone else that can easily detangle your crazy curls without tugging on your scalp or jeopardising your curls. It’s nothing personal.

Using a regular comb, or dare we say hairbrush (which made our curls cringe just thinking about it), causes major scalp-pulling action thanks to tightly packed teeth or bristles. Whereas a wide-tooth afro pick will free knots with minimal friction and avoid disrupting the natural pattern of your curls – essential curly hair advice to follow if you want to keep your hair type!

Bamboo Afro Pick€12.00

For those inevitable times where your curls overlap, interlock, and knot up, try Curls N’ Clouds Bamboo Afro Pick. Its wide teeth allow curls to pass through with ease without making them fall flat. But what about those knots buried deep in our hair near the scalp? With extra-long teeth, it can get into places other afro picks can’t, so you can have knot-free hair all the way through rather than just on top.

Brush Hair from the Bottom to the Top

Now you’ve got yourself the right tool to detangle your hair with, it’s time to learn how to use it most efficiently – us lazy girls still have places to be. Our next bit of advice for curly hair is to begin at the bottom of your hair and work your way up to the roots, which might seem odd, but hear us out.

Starting at the bottom allows you to focus on individual knots, rather than pushing them all towards the end where they make one giant knot - think of how many extra Z’s you could get in without having to detangle a knot bigger than life every morning! Seems strange that we were taught to do it the other way round now, right?

Sleep on Silk Pillowcases

If being lazy has become part of your personality, this is one of our minimal effort curly hair tips as you actually need to be asleep for it. Switching to silk pillowcases will reduce friction as you toss and turn during the night, and as a result, prevent breakage, frizz, and that bed hair we’re all too familiar with.

Avoid Air-Drying Your Hair 

Next up in our haircare tips for curly hair is to minimise air-drying your hair. Leaving your curly hair to dry naturally is lazy girl 101, but there’s a catch. Air-drying your hair can actually lead to more damage than using heat from a hair dryer, meaning you’ll probably have to put more effort in later to fix it. And who has the time for that? Not us low-maintenance ladies that’s for sure.

When hair is wet, it expands and swells up. Think of it like a sponge. The longer it’s left to swell, the more pressure you put on the proteins that keep your hair intact, leading to breakages and split ends. Our advice for curly hair (or anyone with hair for that matter) is to get it dry, pronto.

 Microfiber Towel€9.00

To speed things along (words we all want to hear), try Curls N’ Clouds Microfiber Towel that’ll absorb most of the water for you with teeny tiny compact fibres, so you can cut down hair drying time and avoid arm ache - a real-life prob if you have long and/or thick hair. To use, take small sections of your hair and softly scrunch your curls upwards towards your roots to help with definition.

Create a Haircare Product Cocktail

If you’re looking for a way to cut down your daily haircare routine for curly hair without compromising your curls, try product cocktailing – aka mixing two or more products together to create the ultimate formula that meets your needs (cheers to this!). For example, if your curly hair needs a reboot, a hydrating mist and nutrient-rich serum will go down a treat.

Most haircare products will blend flawlessly, but just like the alcoholic kind of cocktails, not everything goes down as smoothly as you think it will, so it might take a little trial and error to find your signature haircare cocktail.  

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