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Curls N’ Clouds Galentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Besties

Curls N’ Clouds Galentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Besties

By Noor van Gemert

If you’re anything like us, you’re counting down the days to shower your girlfriends with love for Galentine’s Day. (February 13th if you’re wondering which date to doodle lil’ hearts around). They’ve seen you at your worst and still think you’re the best, so they deserve, well, the best. Men come and go, but Galentine’s Day is here to stay. 

You and the girls might not agree on everything, but if there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s wanting to take better care of our hair. We crave that just-left-the-salon feeling where our hair looks beautiful, healthy, and full of life, and spend the next few months trying to recreate it with no luck. Sigh. Luckily, love is in the hair this holiday.

We’ve put together a short and sweet selection of haircare gifts for your best friends that they’ll fall head over heels for, whether they’re single, taken, or it’s just super complicated (can we leave situationships in 2022? Please and thank you). Self-love: in. Relationship status: irrelevant when your hair looks this good!

Volume Spray 250ML€24.00

For your besties after more volume without dryness this Galentine’s Day, (so, like, all of them) our Volume Spray is a guaranteed winner that’ll score you major friendship points.

It’ll be love at first spritz as it instantly turns up the volume, leaving hair looking thicker and fuller without any stickiness whatsoever. The best part? Curls N’ Clouds Volume Spray is suitable for curly, wavy, or straight haircare routines.

Bamboo Afro Pick€12.00

Calling all earth-conscious chicks with curly hair! One of our favourite Galentine’s Day gift ideas is our Bamboo Afro Pick, made from 100% premium bamboo for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. Grown without nasties, fully biodegradable, and softer on the scalp, it’s kinder to the planet and your hair. Curls N’ Clouds Bamboo Afro Pick features longer teeth for more coverage, making sure no curl is left behind without losing any definition.

Top tip: for mega volume, use our Bamboo Afro Pick with our Volume Spray. You can thank us later.

Microfiber Towel€9.00

Fed up with fighting frizz? Us too. Curls N’ Clouds Microfiber Towel is oh-so-soft to avoid frizzy hair, making the perfect addition to curly haircare routines this Galentine’s Day. Our hair is most vulnerable to damage after we shower, so it’s sorta one of your duties as their best friend to make sure they have a hair-loving towel that won’t cause breakages (we don’t make the rules). Our Microfiber Towel is not only soft to the touch, but it also dries hair quicker, closing your hair cuticles faster and minimising the amount of time they’re exposed to potential damage – hair yeah!

Package Deal – Special Offer of €48.00

But what about gifts for your best friends that you really, really love? Our curly haircare set includes Curls N’ Clouds Volume Spray 250ML, Microfiber Towel, and Bamboo Afro Pick to seriously upgrade their curly haircare routines. With this unique selection of haircare gifts, they’ll never have to experience a bad hair day again. Yup, you’ve officially just won Galentine’s Day.

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