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Hair Growth Secrets for Seriously Long Strands

Hair Growth Secrets for Seriously Long Strands

By Noor van Gemert

If Rapunzel is still giving you major hair envy as an adult, we’re here to tell you that you can finally live out your childhood dream with our fast hair growth secrets. With just a few changes to your lifestyle and haircare routine, you can encourage hair growth and improve its overall health. Move over Rapunzel, there’s a new modern-day princess in town with even better hair.

Go for Regular Trims

If you’re trying to grow out your hair, a salon chair is usually the last place you think you need to be. But to encourage hair growth, you’ll want to get friendly with your hairdresser – shocker!

Hair that isn’t regularly trimmed will have more split ends than you can count and is more prone to breakages. This means that even if you do follow all our tips for healthy hair growth, it will grow, but then it’ll also snap off at the last minute, so you know, counterproductive.

Use a Bamboo Hairbrush, Comb, or Afro Pick

Did you know we can lose between 50-100 hairs every day? As scary (okay, terrifying) as this sounds, it’s the norm. But you can actually minimise this number by using a bamboo hairbrush, comb, or afro pick as bamboo causes minimal friction on your hair strands, which will reduce hair loss.

Bamboo Afro Pick€12.00

If you’re looking for a softer than soft afro pick that’ll encourage hair growth and help your hair appear fuller, we’ve got you covered with Curls N’ Clouds Bamboo Afro Pick. Every curl is precious to us, which is why it’s made of 100% (no funny business) premium bamboo, so you can ensure only the finest quality bamboo slides over your strands.

Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet

Listen, you don’t need to entirely cut out carbs *does happy food dance*, but following a healthy balanced diet is one of our favourite hair growth tips as it’s an all-rounder beauty hack for better hair, skin, and nails – who wouldn’t want to level up their entire routine from head to toe?

Poor diet choices limit the rate at which hair can grow, so to make your hair grow faster, you need regular sources of vitamins, proteins, and minerals, as well as omega 3 fatty acids. So, pull up a chair and eat your way to fuller, thicker, and longer hair. Bon appétit!

Fun fact: hair is made up of 95-97% protein, so it’s one food group you definitely don’t want to sleep on.

Avoid Hair Products with Hidden Nasties

Put your hands up if you’re guilty of never reading the ingredients list on the back of hair products! But don’t feel too bad, we guarantee you’re not the only one who’s been distracted by a beautiful bottle and sweet-smelling formula. 

Another one of our tips for healthy hair growth is to pump the brakes before purchasing a new hair product. Take a moment to read the ingredients list to avoid any harmful chemicals that can stunt hair growth.

Generally, the more transparent a hair brand is with its ingredients, the less you have to worry. If it looks more like a high school chemistry experiment with little to no explanation, you can assume the formula contains more toxins than it does goodness.

Volume Spray 250ML€24.00

Here at Curls N’ Clouds, we’re fully transparent with the ingredients we put into our fabulous formula, so you can have mega volume without harming the health of your hair and encourage hair growth. What’s more, our Volume Spray is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and CGM approved. What more could a girl ask for?

Massage Your Scalp Daily

But what about fast hair growth secrets that come with a little self-love? Enter the scalp massage. This stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, giving them a boost of nutrients to make hair grow faster and improve the health of your strands. Think of a scalp massage as a shot of green juice for the hair.

For optimal hair growth, massage your scalp with your fingers daily for 1-2 minutes. If you want to encourage hair growth asap, massage a hair growth serum into your scalp. You’re welcome!

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